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Use writing band description to increase your IELTS score to 8.

If you are planning to take the IELTS test, you have probably come across a framework called Writing band descriptors in your research on skill writing. In this section, you will find out on what basis the scores of this section are evaluated and corrected. By recognizing this criterion, applicants can look at their writing from the perspective of an examiner. With this account, they will realize their strengths and weaknesses and will have a better knowledge in the test. In this article, we intend to provide you with information in the Band Descriptors writing section; Stay with us until the end of this article.

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How to get a score of 7 in the rating

Below are the criteria you see that are needed to get a score of 7. When scoring, you will be given a score for each of the following, and finally the average scores will be considered for the final score. So if you got a score of 6.5, it means that you did not meet the standards required in the table below to get a higher score.

IELTS Band 7 Descriptors Criteria

Addresses all parts of the task

Presents a clear position throughout the response

Presents, extends and supports main ideas, but there may be a tendency to over-generalize and / or supporting ideas may lack focus

Task Achievement

Logically organizes information and ideas; there is a clear progression throughout

Uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately although there may be some under- / over-use

Presents a clear central topic within each paragraph

Coherence & Cohesion

Uses a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility and precision

Uses less common lexical items with some awareness of style and collocation

May produce occasional errors in word choice, spelling, and / or word formation

Lexical Resource

Has good control of grammar and punctuation but may make a few errors

Products frequent error-free sentences

Uses a variety of complex structures

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Scoring criteria

Task Achievement

In this section, the examiner looks for how far you have come in achieving the goal of the question and what you have been asked to do and have an acceptable result. In other words, this section shows your understanding of the question form, the complete answer to the question, and how well you have been able to support your ideas. Consider the following example:

Some people think that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences. Others, however, believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In this section you should consider both points of view and also express your opinion. Now, if you do not write your opinion and review a point of view, you will not succeed in getting a score of 7 from the Task achievement section.

One of the big problems with getting a score of seven is that your idea is not completely clear or you change your idea throughout the text.

 Coherence and cohesion

This section considers your organization and how you are progressing. In this section, you should know that you should have a clear central theme or reference in each paragraph. For example, if you are writing about the pros and cons of a topic, you should consider a specific paragraph for each of them. Therefore, the important things to consider in coherence and coherence include:

Organizing section 1 (in the academic exam and section 2 essay)

Coherence tools (pronouns, conjunctions, definition letters, etc.)

Reference (replacing a noun or noun phrase with a pronoun) and substitution (replacing another form of words and phrases instead of repeating them)

 Lexical resource

 In this section you should show that you know the words that are less common and have a higher level and you can use them in the right place.

 Grammatical range and accuracy

This section assesses your grammar level. In this section you should show that you can use a wide range of sentence structures and be very careful in using them. Having a few complex sentences with words like because, if and although is not enough and you have to use more complex structures. This is one of the biggest challenges for applicants. In other words, most sentences should not have grammatical errors. It will not be easy, you almost have to be a skilled writer.

What is important in this section is to use different types of structures that have the least amount of error. So do not forget that using simple structures is worthless even with a zero error and you will not receive a perfect score.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that we have been able to introduce you to Band Descriptors.

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