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Convenient ways to learn English by watching movies

One of the most important sources of educational help to strengthen the language is movies. The movie is full of real-world conversations. Movie teaches you words in the form of practical sentences and makes you familiar with the culture of that country. The visual features of the English movie make you learn the language better and also learning the language with the movie helps you to get acquainted with the body postures or the body language.

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Movie charm and fun makes you enjoy learning and thus spend more time learning without getting tired. Note that if you watch the best English language teaching video but do not know how to use it, you cannot use it enough.

One of the advantages of learning English through a movie is that the language used in the movie is much closer to reality. While the language used in textbooks is not always as close to reality as it should be. So if you watch a lot of movies, when you speak to an English speaker, you will find that your conversation is very similar to what you have heard and seen before. So, your communication skills can be strengthened by watching movies.

Different ways of expressing words and phrases

 English speakers believe that only thirty percent of what is said is transferable through words, and another seventy percent depends on how the phrases are expressed. For example, body posture (laughter or frown) and tone of voice (angry or upset tone of voice). Therefore, how to pronounce sentences and phrases in English is very important.

For example, the phrase I love you can be expressed in different ways that change its meaning to some extent. This cannot be learned from a textbook alone. If you try to learn these things by reading the textbook, you will be completely confused. As mentioned, sometimes phrases have different meanings based on tone of voice and manner of expression, but if you hear them even for once, it is quite tangible to you and you can easily understand it.

It is important to know what others are saying, but it is also important to know how others say and say something. By seeing what happens in the film and its scenes, you are not only able to learn new words, but you also learn how to pronounce them well. Because movie characters can be worried, sad, happy, angry, or whatever you can think have. And you can easily learn these things.

Features of learning English by watching movies

• Learn English by watching authentic and varied language videos.

• Exposes you to a new culture.

• A great way to view body language and other nonverbal cues.

Its “valid” words are more than what you see in a textbook.

• You can find idioms and ways to express ideas.

• See the use of language in real situations.

Features of the study-centered approach to watching movies

1. Focus

Passively watching a movie will not help you learn a language. You need to actively study the movie you are watching, and focus on every word that is said.

2. Segmentation

Divide the movie you have chosen to strengthen your English into several sections. For example, it is appropriate to divide an hourly movie into four 15-minute sections. Decide not to see more than the part you have chosen and be sure to stick to your decision. It is better to have short sections so that you can focus on them and see how many times they are repeated. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. Watching all the movies will make you tired. In addition, you cannot repeat it several times.

3. Pronunciation

You need to be constantly involved in your movement. Talk to the characters, try to imitate their pronunciation and repeat their body language.


Watching a movie once is like looking at a flash card once. If you want to read the movie, you have to go through it several times.


Subtitles can be both a great stick and an incredible teaching aid. If you use them properly, you can improve your language learning. If you want to strengthen your language with English subtitles only once, you will not achieve significant success, but if you take all the steps in order and are patient in your training, English subtitles will help you a lot. At this stage, watch the first part of the movie with English subtitles. Write down new words. First, try to guess their meaning according to the movie story. If you cannot, get help from the dictionary. Finally, take a look at the list of new words and then watch the movie again. It is better not to refer to your list of words when watching the video, but to review the words before and after watching each section. No need to memorize words. After reviewing the words a few times and watching the movie, you will master them.

See the movie at the current level

There are those who think that they can learn English little by little just by listening to English, even to things that they can hardly understand. But it has been proven both scientifically and empirically that in order to learn, you have to choose things that are easy for you to understand. So, for example, choose movies that do not use a lot of market alley terms and expressions. If your level is low, children’s animations and cartoons are highly recommended because the language used is closer to the children’s language, which naturally becomes simpler.

Introducing suitable videos for teaching English

The King’s Speech

Jurassic Park

Harry Potter

The Queen

The World of Warcraft

Pirates of the Caribbean

The imitation game

Alien’s invasion

The Hateful Eight

Sherlock Holmes

The Hangover Part II

The Remains of the Day

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