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Introducing the online English to English dictionaries

Learning problems are not always caused by a lack of resources. Incidentally, the abundance of resources is sometimes problematic.

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One of the best examples of this is sites that provide dictionary services online to your audience.

The number of such sites is not small and incidentally the problem starts exactly here.

Even the most professional web users are generally not loyal to a particular online dictionary, and because of this multiplicity of resources, they prefer to use the Google search method to search for the meaning of each word.

Each time, Google introduces one of the various dictionaries as a preferred option to the user.

At the same time – as expected from Google – it also presents its own dictionary as an option:


We have to admit that this is very suitable for fast translation and it is very welcome because its learning curve is of fast learning type.

However, the learning curve of using a specific dictionary service is a kind of gradual learning, and only after some time of use, we can learn the hidden angles and its sub-capabilities.

In other words, we have to work with a dictionary for a while so that the result becomes something beyond the conventional way of searching for words on Google.

Visuwords Dictionary

If you are not looking for the meaning of words and want to know more about which word family each word belongs to and in what spaces it is used, Visuwords can be a good option for you.

Of course, it seems that this type of fantasy design can not keep the audience in the long run.

In other words, this service is unlikely to become your standard dictionary. But it can certainly be used as a fun tool to search the world of words.

 The most important advantage: visual display of concepts (similar to mind map)

 The main drawback: no text or explanation is displayed. Unless you click on a word or – on a mobile – touch it.

Visuwordshttps: //visuwords.com

Macmillan Dictionary

The McMillan Dictionary can be interesting for you because it gives you several links to the Thesaurus page when explaining each word.

Therefore, if your basic needs are met in English and you turn to a dictionary to learn words more deeply and better understand their semantic burden, McMillan can probably satisfy you.

 The most important advantage: the close connection between Dictionary and Thesaurus

 The main drawback: the mobile version is very weak.

Oxford Dictionaries

It may be difficult to find a service online that is as simple and efficient as the Oxford Dictionary.

This dictionary has the general features of all other dictionaries such as words, meanings and uses in sentences and similar cases. But perhaps one of the most practical and important parts of it is the Synonyms section; Because unlike many dictionaries that only write a long list of similar words, here is an explanation to help you choose the best option.

For example, when you are looking for a word or term for wasting time , you can refer to the Kill family words section.

There you will be offered various options.

For example, if you mean We had to kill several hours and similar concepts, you can use terms such as Fill up, Use up and Spend.

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