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six tips to improve speaking English

Learning how to speak English with confidence is extremely important for anyone learning this language. There is no substitute for using your language skills to communicate in real time and in real life - and there is nothing fun about it.

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1. Imitate being far away

When most people think about learning English, they think of a lot of books, memorizing lists, and reading cards. All of these are useful in their own right and should not be overlooked. However, many people forget the active aspect of language learning – or avoid it – exploring, playing, listening and repetition.

Studies show that imitation is one of the best ways to improve your language skills. Listening to others and repeating what they say and how they say it – even the tone, emotion and choice of words – is one of the most powerful and fun ways to progress.

2. Use what you have learned immediately

If there’s one thing your brain enjoys, it’s feeling useful. Our brain hates wasting time with information we do not use. (Maybe that’s why you forget the English words you learned yesterday!)

Here’s a tip: Even if you’re alone in the room, the first thing you should do when you see a new phrase in front of you is read it aloud immediately. Repeat it several times until you can say it without looking at the article. Even better if you can use that new word to write three sentences. This is a milestone you have started English!

3. be an actor

The actors have a mission: to read the text and then convince people that the text is real. They do this by using emotion, exaggeration, repetition and practice. So why not get inspired by your favorite actors and do the same?

This is a game. When you are alone, pick up a piece of paper and write down an English phrase – any phrase you want to learn. Now, try to read it as much as you can without looking at the article. The next step is to try to express this expression with different emotions. Do not be afraid of exaggeration! After a while, you will get used to the sound of the phrase without thinking.

4. Listen to others as much as you talk

Many English learners struggle with speech for three reasons: they are embarrassed by their foreign accent, do not remember keywords when they need them, and cannot really understand that this is when people they respond, leading to unfavorable conditions.

Solution: Expose yourself as much as possible to songs, series, documentaries, accents and conversations. It helps you to understand how English is spoken in different countries and how it is spoken by different people.

Rewards – You will find that many foreigners around the world have accents, but Indigenous people are still easily understood and can communicate effectively. So … why not try? Foreign accent is not the end of the world – it just proves that you were brave enough to learn something new!

5. be visual

Visual learning is powerful – and increasingly popular. Research shows that word-related images help us remember much more efficiently, and that means we can speak fluently.

The next time you want to memorize a new phrase, use one of pictures that you found on the internet to show these words. Choosing your personal pictures for flash card or notebook is the key to remembering these words next time!

6. Know your priorities

Ask anyone, “Why are you learning English?” The answers will vary, but most people will say, “Because I want to get a better job,” “Because I want to go to London,” “Because my partner speaks English,” or “I love English.”

However, do you believe you hear someone say, “I want to speak English because I want to be perfect”? Probably not! Always remember that your priority should be effective communication, not perfection. Focus on conveying your message, and that means talking as soon as possible.

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