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How Developing other skills helps to improve your speaking skill

Fluency in English is achieved by having extensive vocabulary, good listening comprehension skills, and correct grammar. Therefore, 100% focus is just wrong in speaking. Imagine you are building a house. You will need a wide range of different materials - brick, lumber, cement, slate for the roof and so on.

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This is also the case when you are fluency in English. You need solid foundations that you can build on, and these demonstrate other key language skills. To help “improve the basics of mastery” try the following:

 Work hard to improve your vocabulary

Having a large vocabulary gives you more flexibility and power of expression in English. Therefore, it is important that you constantly strive to improve your vocabulary through (conscious study, and) passive exposure to language. One of the biggest problems language learners faces when speaking English is that they lack the words to say what they want to say or can not make sentences quickly enough to have fluent conversation. Working on vocabulary can help a lot. However, you must choose words and phrases that you can learn if you want to remember them.

Just learn the words and phrases that you are really going to use regularly! Have a personal dictionary or glossary for new words and phrases. Set up mini-tests each week on a collection of the most useful new terms you’ve found, or maybe use a program like Wordsteps to build your lists and test your vocabulary over time.

Remember that hearing is half the battle

If you want to know how to speak fluent English, first learn how to be a good listener. Fluency is often achieved by listening and then copying the language used by others. English has a wide variety of regional accents and shapes, so if you want to understand native speech, you need to work on your hearing comprehension skills. To do this, try the following: Watch English TV series, movies with subtitles, YouTube channels, etc. along! You can also listen to audiobooks and transcribe them on paper, then compare the original printed version with your text to see if you made a mistake. Write down every word and phrase you find useful.

Love the book!

Reading more can help you understand the language in terms of word order, grammatical structures, idioms, and other set phrases used by the native speaker. If you read a lot of articles on the same subject or books by an author, you will find that words and phrases are repeated from time to time. The more similar texts you read, the easier it will be to understand the words used.

Avoid reading very old or outdated content. Stick to texts written over the past 30 years because they are more indicative of the language used by indigenous peoples today.

Analyze Native English for speak naturally

If you want to speak English naturally, you need to examine how the natives use this language in their everyday conversations. Try copying dialogues from textbooks or transcribing them from TV shows (for example, soap operas or comedies that reflect common uses). You will find that Native speakers tend to use phrasal verbs, contractions, and simplified forms (especially in American English). This language is probably different from the languages ​​in the textbooks and gives you valuable information on how to speak English today. You may want to practice with a conversational partner to practice common English terms of the situation you are learning. You will find that many words and phrases are often repeated in everyday English conversations, so it is worthwhile to identify them and get to know them well.

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