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how to speak English like our mother language

Have you ever been jealous of a chameleon? He paints himself in any color whenever he wants. Life would be very welcome if we were like chameleons in English; We easily spoke the dialect, vocabulary and grammar of a native English speaker.

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You have to work hard to speak English like your mother tongue. In this content, we provide you with practical ways to improve your English speaking; By following these tips, in addition to patience and practice, you will be a language chameleon in the shortest time:

1- Get acquainted with different accents:

There are different accents of English. From Texas accent to New York. You can be fluent in Irish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Australian and Canadian. To do this, search the internet and watch videos with different accents to get acquainted. Focus on one of those dialects that you later want to work on or study in. Keep this in mind as you learn; To improve your English speaking, for example, if you want to travel to the United States or Canada to study, you should see Friends, which has an American accent, not Peaky Blinders, which speak a thick British accent.

2. Imitate the English pronunciation of languages

Watch English videos and movies to get acquainted with their speech style, accent and how they pronounce words. Learning through images has the advantage that you can see and imitate the movements of the lips and mouth at the same time. Carefully in instructional videos, he learns what the lips are like when pronouncing a word and what the language is like when pronouncing a word. Imitate pronunciation in front of a mirror to notice your mistakes when pronouncing words. You can also record your own video and audio to fix your bugs. Repeat difficult words to normalize mouth movements. Visit FluentU and Rachel’s English to learn how to pronounce words.

3. Learn to speak fluently

Pronunciation is important, but more importantly, speaking fluently, smoothly and consistently. You may find yourself pronouncing a letter or a word just like an English speaker, but when you try to use words in a sentence, things get messy; Where is the problem? Yes, you still can not speak fluently. Continuous speaking means uttering the last letter of the previous word and the first letter of the next word at appropriate intervals. By observing the following points, you can observe continuity and smoothness in speaking:

• When the last letter of the previous word is silent and the next word starts with the same silent letter, both letters are merged and one is pronounced: I’d decide it late.

• If the last letter of the previous word is silent and the first letter of the next word is vowel, you must connect the last silent letter of the previous word to the next word and pronounce it together: I’d like a fried egg

• When the letters t or d, are placed between two letters silently, they are not pronounced: See you nex (t) week!

• English speakers use abbreviations in conversations:

I + am = I’m

I + will = I’ll

do + not = don’t

I + have = I’ve

I + would = I’d

4- Speak slang and market alley

Folk and market alleys are the informal literature that people use in their daily conversations. The vernacular varies from city to city and country to country. Consider the following examples:

Wanna (Want to)

Hang out (Spend time together)

In informal language instead of saying, “Do you want to spend some time together?”

They say, “Do you wanna hang out?”

Do not watch speech videos or news to learn ordinary English speaking, instead look for it in interviews, movies and TV series.

5. Learn English terms

Have you noticed that when someone uses a term or proverb in his words in Persian, his words come to life and the audience gets excited? The same is true in English. Terms can be found on sites like Super Common English Idioms and Idioms Found in Songs. Here are some examples of terms:

• (very fast) in the blink of an eye

• (very comfortable) it’s a piece of cake

• Do not pay too much attention to details and stick to the main point. You cannot see the forest for the trees

6- Be patient and practice regularly:

If you have and practice a notebook of terms and their equivalents in your language, also do not doubt the use of terms and do not be afraid, you may not be able to speak well as a native at the right time and place and fluently Bring it, but it is effective for improving English speaking.

Concluding remarks

Improving your speaking speed and clarity will greatly help you master it, and English speakers can better understand what you are saying. This is achieved through practice and perseverance over time. Reading English texts aloud is a great way to work on your pronunciation and improve your English speaking.

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