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Introducing English education podcasts

There are many ways to learn English. One way to learn English is to listen to an English podcast. Podcasts have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The importance of podcasts has led most professors to advise language learners to include listening to podcasts in their daily routine. In this article, we will introduce you to the best English language educational podcasts. Stay with us until the end of this article.

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English educational podcast features

Chastity has features that increase the importance of using them. These features include:

• They are available to us everywhere and at any time. Also, there are almost no space and time restrictions on their use; On the bus, on the way to school, while walking and…

• Develop listening skills and enable them to learn the correct pronunciation of words.

Expands your vocabulary with new words, phrases and idioms.

• The text of most podcasts is available. (Especially at lower levels)

• Has local dialects and vernacular languages.

A collection of BBC podcasts

The BBC, one of the most popular news networks, produces a wide variety of chains, including Global News, 6-Minute English and The English We Speak. Global News podcasts are world news topics that are broadcast twice a day. In this chastity, people speak quite clearly and intelligibly. The English We Speak podcast collection focuses on everyday terms and phrases and is used. Each of the chapters of this series is between two to three minutes and one episode is published every week.

Podcasts in English

The podcastsinenglish.com podcasts are complete language learning collections with different programs for beginners, intermediate and upper secondary students. Some of the topics you may hear on these podcasts are the Winter Olympics, equestrian experiences, and Facebook. Podcasts are short and challenging, with subtitles, pages, and vocabulary to practice.

British Council podcast collection

The British Council podcast is produced by the British Cultural Association. The British Council is one step ahead of all other well-made, high-quality podcasts. Each episode of the podcast, which is approximately 25 minutes long, discusses everyday life situations. The speaking speed of the speakers of this podcast is normal. Speakers make conversations very happy and warm. This has made this podcast famous and popular among English enthusiasts.

Better at English

The thing that makes this chaste person interesting is that he is not at least one of the Native actors and the conversations are real and documented. In this purity, the speed of conversations is normal, and intermediate to high levels easily understand the content of the podcasts. The variety of topics is very good and attractive for all ages and levels; Because it covers both serious topics and topics that are mostly entertaining. Because conversations are real and documented, the audience can become familiar with different accents and experience a variety of speeds in the best English podcasts.


This podcast has a lot of programs (it has recorded 900 programs so far and is still being added to the number of episodes). The show is hosted by Dr. Jeff McQuelen and another voice that you sometimes hear on the show is Dr. Lucy Tse; Both have doctorates in applied linguistics. The speed of English conversations is half normal and therefore it is very easy to follow. Each podcast has a learning guide.

Comedy Bang Bang

This collection includes funny and entertaining performances that have been talked about with celebrities in different parts of it. Topics in this collection include improvisation, games and interesting characters that can entertain you. There are many characters in this chastity, which is why you can hear different accents and dialects. This is pure for the advanced level because people talk a little fast in it.

Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast

Luke is a talented language teacher and laughter. He is an experienced person from London. He offers a rich mix of thematic elements and aims to make you laugh as you learn. Learning a language can be a miracle if it is accompanied by jokes and laughter. This talented teacher, with a taste of laughter and relying on his 20 years of experience in teaching different language levels, has been able to prepare very interesting and useful podcasts for English language learning volunteers.

We hope you find this article useful and that we have been able to introduce you to English educational podcasts.

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