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Effective methods in increasing English vocabulary

One of the challenges for English language learners is to increase their English vocabulary. There is no non-English speaking person who knows all English words. This is why improving your English vocabulary is a constant and very important challenge to increase your proficiency in a foreign language.

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Do not forget that the purpose of learning English words is to use them in speaking and writing skills. Strengthening the vocabulary is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to consider a few points and follow them.

Here are some ways to increase your English vocabulary.

Learn the words in the text.

Never go for a list of separate words that have nothing to do with each other. Learning English words from the text is useful in all three aspects of word learning, ie learning, remembering and memorizing. When reading new words in a story, music, or even everyday life, if it is inspired by the main context, it has given you a clearer meaning. You can also use this method to memorize many new words.

Use the dictionary.

Make a notebook for writing new words as well as recording old words as this will help you a lot in increasing your English vocabulary. With this, you can refer to it whenever you want and review the new words you have learned and practice the words you forgot more.

Have an English dictionary.

One of the main resources you should have is a dictionary, because having an English dictionary will help you greatly increase your vocabulary. An English dictionary can be a great resource for understanding the connection between words, as it teaches you the synonyms and antonyms of words.

Have a real example for new words.

Once you learn a word with a personal connection, it is difficult to forget it. Combining new words with personal experiences helps you memorize them better. You can memorize new words along with the places you went to, people you know, and even the most memorable events in your life.

Research has shown that when you read new words and sentences on a topic, your brain activity increases, and when the topic contains personal and emotional information for you, this method helps a lot to increase your vocabulary.

Read vocabulary books.

There are many sources for increasing English vocabulary. In addition to teaching common vocabulary, these books will show you how to use words in speech or writing using numerous examples and exercises. One of the best resources in this field is “Oxford Word Skills”. This book has three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Practice one word every day.

One of the mistakes that language learners make is that they want to learn all the words all at once. Learning becomes effective when it is purposeful. Also remember that in order for words to stay in your mind, you have to learn the word in terms of meaning, pronunciation and grammar. Do not forget to learn English vocabulary, you need to design a general program for learning your vocabulary.

Use word games.

Learning through fun and games is very effective. Especially if it is for learning words. Word games give you the opportunity to enjoy learning new words and their use. Solving word tables or games such as “scrabble” or “boggle” are very useful for expanding English vocabulary.

We hope you find this article useful and that we have been able to introduce you to ways to increase your English vocabulary.

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