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Strategies to reduce the fear of speaking English

Fear of speaking English is usually because you think you might make a mistake in English. Or see a negative reaction. People who are so frightened in this way, that in any case his mind is disabled in the sense that he can no longer think of anything else. Conversation is one of the four English language skills. A skill that has challenged many language learners, and if you are one of those people who are afraid of talking to an English speaker, join us until the end of this article to introduce you to some ways to get rid of fear when talking.

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Ways to reduce English stress

Here are some ways to reduce stress so you can easily start speaking English.

Get ready for a variety of conversations before you start.

Conversations are usually unpredictable. But we all talk in a certain style. Notice where a conversation will end in a particular mode. Then study situations in proportion to the same. For example, if the conversation is about family, then prepare yourself for a conversation about family occupation, their characteristics, their age, and especially family members, and so on.

Conversational stress

Have confidence

Fear of speaking in front of a crowd or a group has different reasons; One of the most important and common ones is lack of self-confidence. Our advice to you is to keep in mind when speaking that the audience you are speaking to is the same as your classmates that you see every day and are not much different from them. You should also know that the audience of your speech came to hear your content, not to criticize your speech model.

Start with a two-way conversation.

If you are afraid of talking in English or you are new, speaking in a group can be more frightening. Because it is very difficult to focus on everyone speaking with different accents and speeds of conversation, and you may miss the subject altogether. In general, group conversation in any language is more difficult than two-way conversation. When the conversation is two-way, the other person can better understand your situation and speak more calmly and easily if your level is lower.

Dissatisfaction with abilities

One of the fears among people who are asked to speak in front of a group is not believing in their abilities. If you think you do not have the ability to give a good speech, you will always run away from the places that put you in this situation. As a language learner, you need to know that your position and abilities are more or less the same as other people in the class. Believe that you have enough knowledge, be prepared enough and you will pass Speaking successfully.

Auditory practice

In order to be able to produce correct and regular sentences, your brain must have received oral data. There are many people who gradually learn a new language without attending a foreign language class, and just by watching a movie or listening to music. To be able to take advantage of this feature of the mind, it is enough to listen to the audio files of your book while doing daily tasks or even along the way. In addition to boosting your listening skills, this also uses your auditory memory to memorize information.

Increase your vocabulary.

In order to be able to convey your meaning and talk about different topics, you need to increase your vocabulary. This will help you to express your opinions with more confidence and be able to cope with new content. We hope you find this article useful and that we have been able to introduce you to solutions to the fear of English conversation

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