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11 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

One of the most advanced skills that plays a key role in all languages is the ability to write, which you will naturally learn after hearing, speaking and reading. You can improve your writing skills by using the following tips:

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1. To write, you must first consider a specific subject and cultivate it in your mind so that you can easily convey it to the reader.

2. When you have an idea in mind and you want to write about it, you must first look at it from different angles. To do this, you need the “rain of thoughts or brainstorming” method. Brainstorming is a way in which you try to think deeply and irregularly about something. For example, in a logical context, you can think about the advantages and disadvantages of over-dependence on the Internet. Then put the points that came to your mind in this regard in order.

3. In connection with the rain of thoughts, it is important to have a critical view of the subject matter. In fact, you as a writer have to think a lot to be able to write everything logically and meaningfully.

4. When you know what you want to write about, you should first think about it and then put it down on paper. In this regard, creating an outline will be very useful. Because it allows you to show the main idea and message without having to know the details. You can write all these results on paper and organize them. “Think on paper,” says Brian Tracy.

5. If you are writing multi-part and sequential material such as “Storytelling”, you should arrange the items you have written in your outline chronologically, because you are writing a series of events that make up your outline.

6. One of the most suitable methods available for writing practice is “writing memoirs”. You can write the important events of your life in the form of daily, weekly and even monthly diaries in English. Try to get used to it over time. In this way, you have not only strengthened your writing skills, but also increased your thinking power.

7. You can use the portfolio while studying. A portfolio is a collection of writings along with images, documents and other items that you collect for further educational benefit. This will increase your thinking power and will have a positive impact on your study and more importantly on your life.

8. Obviously, being a good writer and having a strong lexical knowledge are closely related. The more words you know, the better you can naturally describe yourself using those words.

9. In addition to having lexical knowledge, you should also have good grammar knowledge, because writing is a formal and academic skill. In fact, writings that are not grammatically correct and do not have a semantic and logical burden will not be acceptable to the reader.

10. With regard to grammar, for example, you are expected to be familiar with the types of conjunctions and their uses in English. Conjunctions are words and phrases that connect sentence components in your writing, allowing you to write more fluently.

11. Correct it at the end of each post; That means read it carefully again and get help from the dictionary if needed. As a result, you can correct possible errors and mistakes, such as the use of incorrect words in terms of semantic fit, formal or informal form of the word, grammar, coherence, and other things that you may find in your text.

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