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The best IELTS test listening resources

If you are looking to strengthen your IELTS listening and you do not know what resources to choose to study, stay with us to the end of this article. In this article, we want to introduce you to the best IELTS test listening resources so that you can get a high score in this part of the test.

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It should be noted that the IELTS Listening section in the academic and general exams is the same and is not different from each other. In both of these tests, four listeners are broadcast who have grades and different types of questions such as fill in the gaps, matching and even descriptive answers are designed for them.

IELTS test listening books

Book Tactics for Listening

Tactics For Listening is one of the oldest books on Listening. There is a third edition of Tactics For Listening on the market, which is the best and most reliable source for listening. This book is categorized according to different topics. Each of your lessons is a variety of words and exercises that can cover all types of listening questions. The book Tactics For Listening has three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This book is one of the best educational books and has reached millions of language learners. This book is only for strengthening Listening and does not say anything about IELTS, but it is very suitable for strengthening Listening and can be used as a side reference.

Book real listening and speaking

The title of this book is listening and speaking, which means that listening has a great impact on improving speaking. This book will be a great help to improve your general listening. Especially for the topics that you will encounter in the first part of the test, such as writing address, registration in the library, etc.

This book is useful for strengthening listening skills in topics such as sightseeing tours and introducing attractive places in a city that are very common in the second part of the listening test.

Book Improve your skills Listening & amp; Speaking

The book Improve your Listening and Speaking Skills for IELTS provides all the tips and techniques needed to succeed in the listening and oral IELTS academic and general tests, and includes sample IELTS questions and a variety of exercises. This book has been recommended by most IELTS professors in recent months.

IELTS Advantage book

Designed for a variety of IELTS skills, including listening, the IELTS Advantage book contains nine lessons, including sample IELTS listening and speaking questions, and is highly recommended for those who need to score 7 or higher. In the first part of this book, there are complete explanations about the two parts of listening and speaking and how to score the IELTS test, which helps you to go to study for the test with enough information.

Collins English for Exams Listening for IELTS

Listening Collins book is designed exclusively for the IELTS listening section and will help you get a score of 7 or higher on this exam. This book teaches sample IELTS questions, tips and techniques related to the IELTS Listening section, and vocabulary related to the topic of each lesson. This book is one of the most famous IELTS listening books.

Book Listen Here

This book is edited and published by Cambridge Publications. In this book, various topics are mentioned, such as leisure tours and introduction of attractive places in a city. This book is very useful for the second part of listening to the IELTS test.

Book Improve your IELTS listening

This book is part of the Improve Your Skills collection published by McMillan Publishing. This book contains various textbooks and strengthens your listening. We hope that by reading this article you have been able to get the best score in passing this IELTS test by using the best IELTS test listening resources.

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