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If you want to know how to speak fluent English, you need to consider how to master the native language in countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States. British and Americans grow up in an English-dominated environment and learn the language through constant contact and social interaction.

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They use English as a fully functional tool for connecting with others, studying, working and acquiring or exchanging information for various purposes. Life is not possible for them without fluent English because this is the basis of almost all of their work. This is certainly the same for your mother tongue and country, but do you really need English? If the answer is “yes” and you have a strong desire to master, you should devote more time to English in your daily routine. In other words, you need to make some changes to your current lifestyle to speak English more fluently through regular contact. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

Make time for your English every day and prioritize it

Every time you spend on your English should be considered as an investment for your future. Many small steps will help you to travel a long way. Having a clear idea of ​​exactly why you need English and what you will get as a result of mastering it is important to make it a priority in your busy life. The length of time you choose to invest in English is up to you, but this should be a regular commitment and will directly affect the speed of your mastery.

Actively include more English in your daily routine

Make a conscious effort to inject more English into your normal day. Try the following: Read a BBC news article on your iPad every morning for breakfast, listen to an English audiobook or radio station on your way home, and use a mobile app during your lunch break. , Do a 10-word vocabulary test, write an email to a colleague or foreign friend, watch a 5-minute YouTube video from an English learning channel, read some grammar some nights, a few weeks Take a Skype English class once, schedule an English movie program at home with your friends at least once a month.

Use your mother tongue less

If you spend 99% of your time speaking your native language and only 1% is left in English, improving your fluency is always a difficult endeavor. Are there any conditions where you can use English instead of your native language? This method is called “replacement” and examples may include: changing the language on your mobile phone to English, watching TV in English 50% of the time, or choosing to read a book in English instead of your native language.

Stop thinking about English as just a “textbook topic”

Try to think of English more as a lifestyle and less as a school subject. Any contact with this language will help you to speak English more fluently over time, so why limit yourself to just traditional classes and textbooks? Using a broader perspective will probably make the learning process much more interesting. Native English speakers are in regular contact with the language in a wide range of contexts – you should do the same!

Find some study friends!

Engage those around you in an effort to become more fluent in English. Ask them to help you practice, test vocabulary, or correct writing. Those close to you can play an important role in supporting and maintaining your new “English lifestyle”. However, keep in mind that some may neglect your time in English, so they may try to prevent this positive change.

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