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how to write OPINION ESSAY

In the Opinion Essay, the examiner asks you to comment (usually "for or against") on a topic. To do this, the candidate must provide reasons and details to support their opinion. There are two different approaches to writing such an article: one-sided and balanced. In this article, we will discuss how to write OPINION ESSAY.

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Opinion Essay with one-sided approach

An article is a one-sided article in which your opinion is completely inclined to one side of the issue, meaning that you completely agree or strongly disagree with the topic presented in the question. In these cases, always try to support your opinion by mentioning 2 reasons, and analyze each of these reasons by mentioning its details in two paragraphs, the main body of your article. In a one-sided opinion essay, you should express your opinion clearly and directly in two places in your article:

Thesis statement in introduction

Restatement in conclusion

Unilateral opinion essay structure

The introduction

Sentence 1: Paraphrase the background information given in the topic

Sentence 2: State whether you completely agree or completely disagree with the issue.

The body

The first paragraph

Sentence 1: The topic sentence (your 1st idea)

Sentence 2-5 / 6: Give SPECIFIC examples or explanations to support the idea

The second paragraph

Sentence 1: The topic sentence (your 2nd idea)

Sentence 2-5 / 6: Give SPECIFIC examples or explanations to support the idea

The conclusion

Restate your opinion that completely agree or completely disagree with the issue given in the topic.

It is generally believed by many people that internet is the root of people’s seclusion from their society. From my perspective, this idea is completely flawed owing to the benefits in terms of communication and knowledge acquisition that internet offers. => This is my opinion about the issue, I wrote “This idea is completely flawed”, which means “I completely disagree with the idea”. This is a very short, clear and direct answer.

Firstly, I would argue that the Internet is one of the most powerful facilitators in communication. At the moment, numerous websites such as Facebook or Yahoo offer much faster and more convenient services for users to keep in touch with their friends and relatives regardless of geographic distance. These websites create an online network which connects everyone within their users ’social circle and enables them to send instant messages or to make video calls in a few seconds no matter where they are. People, therefore, can enjoy both the convenience and the swiftness that those services provide. => My first body paragraph only developed the first reason.

Secondly, I believe internet has empowered people to acquire more knowledge about their society than ever before. As a matter of fact, it is able to bring every aspect of life to people, which I think is valuable because people will have a closer look at how their society really is. Latest news about sports, education or criminals for example is constantly updated in many online sources that are open to everyone. This easy accessibility equips people with sufficient information, in other words, they are more aware of the problems lying within their society. => My second body paragraph only developed the second reason.

In conclusion, as the two analyzed reasons above, I strongly disagree with the idea that Internet users are drifting away from their lives because of the online service. => I also restated my opinion here in the conclusion.

(258 words)

Note that this article has a one-sided approach and the candidate should only expand his / her opinion depending on whether he / she completely agrees or strongly disagrees. Therefore, it is unnecessary to explain the other side of the argument. Always remember that you should express your opinion in the introduction of the article and the conclusion section. Failure to state one of the two will reduce your score.

Counter-argument & Refutation

To strengthen your argument and increase your chances of getting a higher score, you can write a paragraph in which you present the dissenting opinions of others and then reject the comments with your reasons. This paragraph consists of two parts: Counter-argument and Refutation, and is usually the last item in the main body of your opinion essay. Consider the following example of how to write OPINION ESSAY.

Premature life with partners has gained enormous popularity as students reach their adulthood. In my opinion, cohabitation has more of a deleterious impact on their life.

There are several severe problems that this living arrangement would cause. The first and also the biggest concern relates to the possibility of unexpected pregnancy. If the couple who have this premarital experience is poorly equipped with sufficient knowledge about a safe sexual life, the chance of the female partner’s being pregnant might be relatively high. Another drawback is the deterioration in social interactions. As college couples spend almost all their time to take care of their partners because they live in the same place, they hardly have time to hang out with their friends or look for a job. Therefore, their social relationships and skills would suffer.

(Counter-argument) => Advocates of this idea might think that living together during the early age of adulthood acts as a test of the couple’s compatibility, hence avoiding the risk of future divorce. They also think that the couple who choose this premarital relationship can support each other with their studies. (Refutation) => However, I think those thoughts are rather ill-founded as the fact might be the opposite. Going through a long intimate relationship like trial marriage, young couples, paradoxically, might be less understanding and sympathetic, which might lead to the early end of their marriage. Furthermore, reality has shown that many university students become more neglectful of their studies while living under the same roof with their partner on account of the fact that most of their time is devoted to each other.

In conclusion, despite the existence of some opinions in favor of this early decision, I do believe students ’lives would be adversely affected.

(258 words)

Opinion Essay with Balanced Approach

A balanced article is an article in which you want one side of the issue but at the same time do not deny the other side, which means that you either agree or disagree with the subject matter of the question. Never be neutral, accept that there are two sides to the argument, but choose which one you agree with the most. In fact, you need to analyze both sides of the issue and at the same time state your position on the issue. In the first paragraph of the main body of your article talk about the weaker side and in the next paragraph talk about the stronger side; Remember to give two reasons for each side with related explanations and examples. In opinion essay, with a balanced approach, you should express your opinion in 3 places:

Thesis statement in introduction

Topic sentence of second body paragraph

Restatement in conclusion

I hope this article has helped you get enough information on how to write OPINION ESSAY.

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