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Important points in writing a letter in English

letter is one of the oldest and first means of communication that humans have used to communicate from the beginning. Writing a letter in English is not easy, but do not worry. Follow this article to learn how to write a letter correctly from beginning to end. Of course, we all write letters at least once in our lives, and it is better to be able to write our letter in the most principled way possible. So, learning some tips on this can help us write a good letter.

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Letters are divided into two categories: formal letters and (Informal) letters and informal letters (Informal). Formal letters include: application for admission from foreign universities, application for education, administrative letters, etc. Formal letters written for business and administrative correspondence on various business topics such as ordering goods, inquiries, thanks, complaints, invitations to cooperate, and نیاز, require special rules and principles. Informal letters include: letters to friends and acquaintances, congratulatory letters and رسمی Informal letters, as the name implies, are mostly used for friendly correspondence and do not require principles and rules to write it, and it can be He wrote any syntax.

To write a letter, it is important to have a wide vocabulary. You should be able to use tangible words in the letter. Also, follow the grammar and writing tips completely, and for this you need to have a good English vocabulary. Of course, you do not need to know all the words, in this article we will teach you the most used words in English correspondence. Correct grammar are also essential for writing English letters. You must have at least grammar knowledge to write a letter.

Start your letter with the word Dear, then bring the name of the person for whom you are writing the letter, if you know the recipient of the letter completely, you should mention his title in addition to the name. If you know the name of the person you are writing the letter to, start your letter with Dear Mr for the gentleman and Dear Miss, Mrs, Ms for the lady.

If you know the recipient’s name but do not know the title, mention his name. Mention both names and titles if you know. If you do not know the recipient’s name; Start with one of the following phrases: Dear Sir, Dear Ms, and My dear. Be careful not to use the first name alone, Dear Mr / Mrs without first and last name, and my dear, familiar words and slang when writing a formal or official letter.

The following are practical sentences that are required in writing a letter:

In replay to your letter

To meet a demand

We must apologies for

We wish to inform you that

We would appreciate it if you could

I find it necessary to

We would appreciate your reply

With reference to

Would you please let us

I am sorry to have to say that

In accordance with your request

Please accept my thanks for

I regret to inform you that

I am anxious to hear from you about

We wish to remind you that

The following are practical sentences used in official letters:

To agree with

As per your request

In compliance wit

On behalf of

Please allow me

When we want to finish the letter, the use of introductory and respectful expressions makes the letter look very good. We use the phrase Best regards for a polite and respectful ending. The letter ends with your name or surname.

Closing remarks of correspondence

Yours faithfully

Yours truly

Yours very truly

Yours sincerely

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