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The free discussion class, as its name implies, is a free discussion class. A class whose focus is on conversation. The resources or topics of each session are pre-determined and people often attend these sessions by reading. There is no such thing as a monologue in these classes and the main role of the class is not played by the teacher. Learners speak English together in a friendly environment, under the supervision of a teacher.

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Free discussion classes are suitable for intermediate language learners to improve their level, and these courses are also suitable for language learners who have a good language level, who, while maintaining their language level, speak more fluently and with Learn more terms.

The purpose and function of English free speech courses is to convert as many passive words as possible (words that the learner is able to understand if heard or seen, but due to low and insufficient practice of the presence of mind necessary to use those words and terms while does not speak) to Active words, which in turn leads to the correct use of words in the sentence and accelerates the speaking skills of learners.  In view of the above, we conclude that students interested in participating in free discussion classes in order to achieve the best efficiency should have at least an Intermediate level to be able to do more speech and listening exercises in these classes.  Improve your conversation level dramatically.  Otherwise, participating in these courses will be nothing but a waste of time and money.

If you do not have this level, you should attend General English courses and improve your quadruple English skills.

In free discourse classes, people talk about a variety of topics in their target language in an environment where other people with the right language level are present.  The main purpose of these free discussion classes is to help people reach the highest level of mastery of the target language and to bring the students’ speaking closer to the natives.

Intensive English free discussion courses can increase the productivity of ordinary classes many times over in terms of improving English Speaking skills as well as the ability to communicate with other people.  The method of working in free discussion classes is that a topic is identified as the main axis of the class and all dialogues and conversations revolve around that topic.

  Benefits of Free English Talk Courses

Incredibly improve English speaking skills

Increase student participation in class discussions and activities

Placing learners in the real space of English and using the language as much as possible

Creating a space where learners can comment easily and without worries.

Tacit training to focus on the subject instead of focusing on the details of the language

Creating an atmosphere in which learners with different language abilities can interact with each other.

What is the topic of the English Free Talk Class?

Very diverse and controversial topics require a good Free Discussion course.  Topics, economic issues, cultural issues and social behaviors, equal rights debates and even interesting topics such as cosmetic surgery, smoking in public, respect for the tastes of others, TV commercials and women working in men’s jobs and 3 other topics Countless are used in free discussion classes.

Strengthening Speaking and Listening Skills Speaking and Listening

Increase the range of useful words and vocabulary

Correct use of words in sentences

Learn words and sentences correctly in American and British accents

Learn Idiom, Slang, Expression

Learn Collocations

Familiarity with the culture and customs of English-speaking countries

Ability to watch movies without the need for subtitles

Increase confidence in order to carry out everyday conversations

Strengthen speaking skills to get a higher score on the IELTS test

When you reach a good level of English, you usually lose motivation or do not have time for regular classes and regular classes give you repetitive content.  Free Discussion English courses are the best alternative to these classes.  Because they are fun, they offer a variety of interesting topics, and there is no need to practice outside of class; It does not take your time and also helps to maintain your English language level.

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