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Transcribing method

If you are learning a new language, you are probably looking for a solution that will make your writing, speaking and listening skills a new language easier.

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One of the problems that language learners may face is a better and more complete understanding of listening.  There are many ways to learn and strengthen listening, including the transcription technique to strengthen listening to help you achieve great results in strengthening a new language.  In this article, we want to introduce you to the transcription technique to strengthen your listening skills or hear a new language.

What is a transcript?

One of the best ways to enhance your listening experience is to transcribe or transcribe the audio text onto paper.  Write down all the conversations and words that you listen to in the audio files as a listening on a piece of paper.  Although this technique may seem difficult at first, over time it simplifies your listening skills, and you can watch movies or pass language exams in the listening section without the need for subtitles.

How to transcribe correctly?

Find your level audio file.

To do a proper transcription, you must first select an audio file that fits your language level.  Be careful that this file is not so simple that you do not learn anything and not so hard that you can not understand and have to listen to each sentence many times.  The subject of the audio file should be to your liking so that you do not get tired of listening to it and doing the exercises.

Listen to the audio file to the end.

Once you have found an audio file that is appropriate for your level, first listen to it from beginning to end to find out what is being talked about, but if the audio file contains text or a subtitle video, do not look at it until the last step.  Come back a second time and listen to it and try to write down the keywords and key information.  Wherever you think you droped behind, stop the audio file and write down the main points and listen to the rest of the file.

Take notes.

Listen to an audio file every day and write it down while listening; This may be a little time consuming at first, but over time, with a lot of practice, you will strengthen your accuracy and memory, and you will increase your writing and listening speed at the same time, as well as learning the words and how to spell them. Re-play the file for the third time and this time write all the words and conversations in detail.  After hearing two or three words, pause the file and write the words.  Be sure to write down words, especially collocations, that you do not know, find their meaning, and use them in sentences.

Advantages of Transcription Technique.

Many learners have achieved significant success in TOEFL and IELTS test listening with the help of the transcription technique.  Here are some of the benefits of this method:

Active listening skills will be strengthened and you will have a better understanding of the concepts.

The transcript technique is used to learn more listening languages.

In this way, you will become better acquainted with the speaking speed of the native speakers of the target language.

You will learn the structure of sentences better, such as how to place verbs correctly.

Transcript helps you learn to pronounce words correctly.

With this technique, you will understand the accent and stress on the words more than before.

Without having to read written words, you will get acquainted with new words and your vocabulary will expand.

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