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Irregular verbs in English

There are more than 180 English verbs that are called irregular and reject all the rules used in verbs. Irregular verbs in English do not follow the addition of ed at the end of a verb, and for the past and the unlikely past, changes are applied to the word itself, for which there is no rule for this change. So we have no choice but to memories these verbs, which change under the two conditions of "past tense of the verb" and "the third part of the verb, also called P.P."

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Maintaining this number of verbs, many of which are repeated many times during the day, can be very difficult. To make it easier for you to memories these verbs, we suggest 8 ways.

Regular verbs are generally used with the letters ed at the end when used in some sentences (such as the simple past and the unlikely past). But in irregular verbs, there is no specific method or structure for making it, and the words themselves change, and of course, in some of them, the verbs do not change. for example:

I laugh, I laughed, I had laughed.

I write, I wrote, I had written.

As you can see in the first example (I was laughing, I was laughing, I was laughing.) The verb is regular and ed is added to it, and in the second example (I am writing, I wrote, I was writing) the verb is irregular and so on. You can see that the verb used has changed completely in terms of writing and reading.

The most common irregular verbs

There are many irregular verbs in English, but some of them are used in applications such as conversation or writing, and… much more than others. Like the:

Be, have, say, do, know, get, see, think, go and take

Irregularly used verbs in English

The past participle of the past participle

awake awoke awaken

be was were

beat beat beaten

become became become

begin began began

bend bent bent

bet bet bet

bid bid bid

blow blew blown

break broken broken

bring brought brought

broadcast broadcast broadcast

build built built

burn burnt burnt

buy bought bought

catch caught caught

chose chose chosen

come came come

cost cost cost

cut cut cut

deal dealt dealt

dig dug dug

do did done

draw drew drawn

dream dreamt dreamt

drink drank drunk

drive drove driven

eat ate eaten

fall fell fallen

feel felt felt

fight fought fought

find found found

fly flew flown

forget forgot forgotten

forgive forgave forgiven

freeze froze frozen

get got gotten

give gave given

go went gone

grow grew grown

hang hung hung

have had had

heard heard heard

hide hid hidden

hit hit hit

hold held held

hurt hurt hurt

keep kept kept

know knew known

lay laid laid

lead led led

learn learnt learnt

leave left left

lend lent lent

let let let

lie lay lain

lose lost lost

make made made

mean meant meant

meet met met

pay paid paid

put put put

read read read

ride rode ridden

ring rang rung

rise rose risen

run ran run

see saw seen

sell sold sold

send sent sent

shoot shot shot

show showed shown

shut shut shut

sing sang sung

sink sank sunk

sit sat sat

spend spent spent

stand stood stood

swim swam swum

take took taken

teach taught taught

tear tore torn

tell told told

think thought thought

throw threw thrown

understand understood understood

wake woke woken

wear wore worn

win won won

write wrote written

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that we have been able to introduce you to Irregular Verbs in English.

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