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The rules about writing you must know

If you are learning English or you are in a job that may you have international relations, so it’s needed for you to have skill of writing in English. We have earned this experience that writing in English can be one of the hardest skills. Now, if you recently started to learning English, if will be harder. Being skilled in writing, requires hard practice and try. If language learners learn the rules of writing, then they can write a marvelous text.

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We want to teach you the rules of writing, so you can present a good writing in exam or in your business.

The rules of writing

•          depiction principles

If you want to be professional in something, you must take care to all of details. Learners that enter in English writing, often don’t care about writing marks. As you know, the writing marks, makes pauses, spaces between words and effects on pronouncing predicate and interrogative sentences. The writing marks, makes sentences, more beauty and understandable. So don’t forget using writing marks and their places and learn truly use of them to present a good writing.

•          Summarizing

One of the most practical methods commonly asked of learners, is summarizing the original text of lesson. You can use this practice for other subjects and texts. By reading an English text of any source, try to make a summary of it and use the important and professional words of the text.

Beware of duplication the sentences of the original text and try to make new sentences.

•          Caring capital words

You must know in English writing; some words must be capitalized. So, you must know them and heed them in your text. The proper nouns, names of people, names of cities and countries and some more words, some other words must be capitalized. Learn the tips about proper nouns and use them in your writing.

•          Caring of the right place of apostrophe

The apostrophe sign (`) uses in the Property combinations and in Abbreviation. But sometimes learners use it wrongly in different positions.  It’s clear that using apostrophe in wrong place makes change to meaning of text plus decreasing the correctness and virtue of it.


As you know there is two kinds of quoting in English: direct quotation and non-direct quotation. Use (“…”) just in direct quotation. Using of guillemot in non-direct quotation, is wrong from view of grammar principles. 

•          The writing algorithm

Different kind of texts, have different kind of algorithm. Algorithm of an essay is different from a scientific lecture or an official letter. Learn different kind of different texts. Each paragraph of an English text, must write by mention to requested structure and algorithm. For example, a scientific lecture is formed of introduction, problem definition, methods, results and summary.

•      Solidarity of paragraph

Learners must preservation the basic subject of each paragraph. Write short sentences and don’t scat. Don’t think that using of gibberish words and complicated sentences, increases the virtue of your essay; rather as a text, simplify and understandable and capacitance to transfer the Idea of author, have more value and prestige.

•      The formality of the text

As you know, major of the English words, have several meanings with different uses and grounds. While writing, it’s necessary to attention and choose suitable words. One of meters to choosing the right word, is recognizing the level of formality of each text. For example, words “hello” and “hi” tells two kinds of formality in greeting. Having to not attention to these cases, decreases the value of the text and in much important cases, makes defeasance of wrong meaning to the reader.

•          Caring of grammar tips

The position of attention to grammar tips in an English text, is very important. The tips about time, Descriptive and additional compounds, using adverbs and connected and so much other tips, in correct writing and correct transferring the concepts, have special important.

It’s no need to learn grammar in advanced for writing a simple English text or an official letter; but for writing professional texts like scientific articles, you need to care more to grammar rules.

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